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Submitting and Publishing Procedure

  • Authors submitting manuscripts throgh Online Submission or send as email attachment to books@literatipublishers.comAbstracts/proposals of 1-2 page. Proposals should clearly reflect the main topics covered in the chapter, chapter structure, and an overview of the relevant sources.
  • Each author of the proposal must provide a biographical sketch of 50-60 words. The sketch should identify where authors earned their highest degrees, their current affiliations and positions, current research interests, country of birth and current citizenship(s), and an email address.
  • Authors will be informed about acceptance / rejection of their proposals in 7 working days and sent chapter guidelines.
  • All submitted chapters will be reviewed on a double-blind review basis. There are three possible outcomes of the review process:
    • The chapter is accepted and will be published with minor revisions,
    • The chapter is provisionally accepted and will be published after major revisions,
    • The chapter is rejected.

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